Caffélatex til slangeløs - Caffé tubeless ventiler

Caffé tubeless ventiler

Caffé Tubeless Valve has a removable valve core and allows if needed the fitting of valve extension.




When used on Presta-drilled rims (valve hole diameter: 6,5 mm), the rubber valve base ensures a perfect air-tightness simply tightening the valve on the rim (with its nut), without any additional o-ring.

When the rim is Presta-drilled but the hole on the inside is wider, we recommend to use the provided rubber washer, fitting it onto the valve before inserting it into the rim. Use the metal washer outside the rim, under the valve nut.

Functioning of our valve on Schrader-drilled rims (valve hole diameter: 8,5 mm) is possible, but gerenally more difficult and requires a certain experience.



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