Caffélatex til slangeløs - Carbomove


Carbomove, 200 ml size, is a chemical blend that acts at the same time as penetrating oil and as powerful solvent.


Carbomove completes, together with Carbogrip, all is needed while installing and removing bicycle parts. While the latter allows correct clamping and prevents seizing, Carbomove is of great help for component removal.



easily cleans Carbogrip traces

very effective to remove seized parts (letting it the time to work, 24 hours maximum)

a must to remove stuck aero seatposts

doesn’t damage carbon composites or metals

available in 200ml bottle size

Instructions for use (the stuck seatpost case):


Create an accumulation point for Carbomove over the contact surface, to maximize the penetration: you can create a funnel wrapping the seat tube with packing tape, leaving it open around the seatpost

spray abundantly Carbomove inside the “funnel”, to have the interface between seatpost and seat tube constantly wetted by Carmomove

let it sit overnight, add more Carbomove if needed

the lenght of insertion of the seatpost into the frame heavily affect the duration (and success) of the operation.



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